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Visi + Visi

the VISI SUPER POWER!visiandvisiOur story…

When Ervis and I became friends, Ervis was 13 and I was 15. We were just two teenagers in Albania with a great passion and talent for art. We would play all day with a couple of old film cameras we had managed to get our hands on, and took them apart and put them together just to end up with a pile of camera parts. I can’t tell you the number of times that we did that, but at least we knew how to fix them. I also vividly remember us wandering the streets of our little town, pretending and dreaming that we were famous professional photographers. Some would say it was just a phase that kids go through at that age- exploring new things, but was it?visiandivisblackandwhite

Fast forward 17 years and we both own successful production companies (Visi Productions & Visi Studio) that specialize mainly in weddings and a handful of corporate work. Ervis has had the opportunity to photograph and film in some of the most prestigious landmarks and cities in Europe such as Rome, the Vatican, the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, Santorini and many other beautiful places, and most recently here in the United States. I myself have had the opportunity to shoot all over America, with the addition of a few tropical destination weddings.

Just this year, we made a big decision to merge our companies under one big umbrella and be the best friends we were in the old days! I can guarantee you that we won’t be taking any cameras apart anytime soon, because we all know that’s dangerous business when you have a big responsibility of documenting a wedding, but we put together our talents and our teams, and combined them into one international company that will serve our clients in the USA and overseas!


How would this help our couples?

Well, for the first time, we are offering international packages that will include photography + Cinema work done by yours truly–Ervis and I, and our amazing teams who capture the most beautiful moments while we work our magic.

Now we can bring new ideas and re-invent ourselves year after year and with the ever-changing pace of technology, our skills and craft will remain current. What a better way to do that than to put together two bright minds that work non-stop?

When our U.S.A. couples decide to vacation in Europe, we have a special package that allows them to do an additional shoot with Ervis in the most beautiful places there. Trash the dress sessions are also available! Don’t worry we know people that can clean them as good as new.


We couldn’t be happier about this partnership and we know that our couples will take advantage of what we have to offer!

Now, about that childish dream we had–was that just a phase, or was it..?