If  only pre-wedding jitters were solely about the new life you are about to embrace, taking a leap of faith that bounds you to another person forever. But the brides have an additional worry – how to look best in the wedding day photographs – for albums that will be saved for posterity and gazed at by family, friends and their friends – hopefully with admiration and a touch of envy. So, to help you come out with flying colors in this department, here is a quick guide on what to do for picture perfect wedding photos


Remember, this is your wedding, not just one of the many parties you keep attending. So, pick out the dress well in advance. Forget the impatient looks from mother, friends, bridesmaids and keep looking till you find the dress that speaks to you. Once that goal is accomplished, get it fitted so that it flatters your figure to the maximum. Walk around in it, bend, climb stairs – in short, ensure you feel as comfortable in it as your worn-out jeans and hoodie. That way, you will not have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions on a day when all eyes are on you.


If you are not confident about your make-up skills, it is best to hire a professional. It would be even better if he or she has some experience of doing makeup for on-camera work. Do not overdo it or use sparkling make-up. Keep it natural is the best tip one can offer. It will not hurt at all to try out different hairstyles in advance. That gives you the choice of picking one that flatters you best. That tip can also be used for make-up. Have a session before you walk down the aisle and lock down the look that makes you look and feel the best.


Remember the teenage days when you spent hours posing in front of the mirror. Well, now is the time to roll back the years to do just that. Practice your poses, posture, smile and style. Do not forget to stand straight, without any trace of a slouch. To avoid a double chin creeping into the pictures, lift your head a bit keeping in mind the camera level. This is something you will need to practice so that it comes naturally on the wedding day. Also, walking around the house in the chosen shoes will do you good and see if they will trouble you in any way.


Some small tips followed before the wedding will go a long way in leading to that perfect picture that you have coveted for so long. Exercise regularly to keep fit and get that healthy glow. Cut back on the drinks, increase your water intake and focus on healthy foods. Get a hairdressers’ appointment a couple of weeks before for glossy tresses. Book that mani-pedi slot and practice your dental hygiene diligently. And most importantly, take extra care of your skin. Choose make-up products that suit your skin, cleanse and moisturize it daily and use a good exfoliating scrub for the flawless glow.

And now, you are ready to face the camera. So, push back your shoulders, smile, relax and enjoy!!! Our photographers will take care of the rest.




Brandie Anson, Visi Productions