My Journey to Film Photography

My Journey to Film Photography

Visi Productions was born in 2008 and since it was the digital age, it didn’t even cross my mind to shoot film. However, as time went on, I could not deny that so many of my favorite images from other photographers were taken on film. I tried to replicate the film look by using expensive digital cameras as well as editing presets only to end up disappointed. Every time I would see a great film photo I would end up staring at for a minutes, It felt like the image was speaking to me. Looking through photo albums with my grandparents was always a highlight for me. From the faded black and whites of great grandparents I never met to the funky colours of the 60’s and 70’s with relatives in party hats eating indistinguishable foods from cocktail napkins. I love timeless, soft, emotive images- the ones taken 50 years ago that are still so powerful and graceful. I knew I wanted to achieve that look but shooting digital was never going to give me what I wanted.

Fast forward to today and I am completely in love with shooting film.I love that I am connected to my subject with no distraction like a screen on the back of my camera. I even love that shooting film is difficult. It slows me down and I can really concentrate on exposing the exact moment that matters. Mostly though, I just love the way it looks – incredibly flattering yet vibrant and full of life. Shooting film let’s me create images I love. This is what drives my love for shooting on film whenever possible, creating every image to stand the test of time- whether it’s of a serene moment in the morning or of the wild ones at the end of the night.

While I love film for its color, dynamic range, grain and what it can do with natural light, there is still a time and place for digital. There are times when I prefer my digital files (especially in low light situations). But overall, film has made me more aware, has pushed me creatively, and has given me a new perspective in my life as a wedding photographer.

What’s the benefit of shooting film?

Film is often noted for its softness and beautiful light but in particular it’s warm, bright, pastel colour palette. It’s dynamic range is amazing. Film can be unpredictable (in a good way). You will get different results depending on the chemicals, weather, processing, scanning. Every film is organic has it’s own personality. It’s slower. Instead of having a cameras firing off 2000+ shots. We will take our time and make every shot worth it. You may appreciate some more time to breath. Plus you get to play the model. That exposed film inherently has value and stored properly it will last forever. Film produces the most beautiful, soft, timeless images, incredibly flattering yet vibrant and full of life. You never have to worry about your disk drive being corrupted. You can digitally scan the same negatives 60 or 100 years from now and will still get the same amazing quality.

Can I book the Fine Art Package?

Yes! We are super excited to offer this hybrid (digital + film) fine art package to our couples in 2018! We will also offer it as an upgrade to our current couples as well. 🙂