From the Bride:

We met about 3 years ago on an unsuspecting night in Ann Arbor. He was up from Indiana visiting friends who lived there and I was out with friends from work. It is a strange coincidence, two Spartans meeting in the heart of Wolverine territory. The first time we saw each other was in a hazy basement bar, both a little “mellow” from the evenings festivities. I saw Steve, and asked my friend who was sitting next to him in a long booth to find a way to introduce us. She tapped on his shoulder, whispered “Hey, my friend thinks you’re cute” and slithered under the table so that he could slide up next to me. He started the conversation very bluntly by saying, “So you think I’m cute, huh?”, before trying his hardest to charm me. We drank and danced that night away. He tried to be casual as he called me the NEXT DAY, but I could tell he was excited. We went out and from then on we were as inseparable as two people who lived in different states could be. About 8 months later he moved back to Michigan to be closer to me, and the next year and a half was love, romance, and a whole lot of fun. He proposed, in the cutest way, with rose pedals and a painting. He thought he was being tricky and surprising by doing it on his Birthday, but I knew all long. Obviously I played along to make him happy. I said YES!, and then it was a whirlwind of happiness and planning. Now we’re married and couldn’t be happier. That’s the story of how two Spartans from different states came together in the worst college in America. If we can find each other with those odds, anyone can!!

Photography + Cinema: Visi Productions

Florist: Eleganté Productions

Cake: Patisserie Parmentier

Hair: Lena Shkreli and Co

Make up: Rita Mezy

Wedding Dress: Rivini from Roma Sposa