Laura + Raymond- Downtown Northville

Laura + Raymond- Downtown Northville

Sometimes you find love when you least expect it. Medical school was that time and place for Laura & Ray. “Hey Ray,” Laura said to him one day while at work.  After that, it didn’t take long for them to become friends. They had both been through so much in their lives but they found strength in one another.

They had countless cookouts with friends and coffee shop trips for a “beach” (her favorite coconut latte), relaxing trail runs by the river, and endless studying. They became Doctors together. They moved to Charleston and now to Michigan, where they bought their first home together.  Ray was persistent in his pursuit of Laura, and he became her rock in times of need. They endured the loss of Laura’s precious Great Dane but found joy in bringing four new fur babies into their family. Burglar, Swiffer, Shelby and Bear Buns (who was Ray’s first puppy), all of whom are extremely spoiled!  They have been through the most difficult years of their lives together and their love has only grown stronger.  “Forever is a long time, but I can’t wait to spend it by Ray’s side.” said Laura. Who would have dreamed that two small words, “Hey Ray,” would turn into such an amazing love story?

Laura & Raymond are by far the coolest Doctors I have ever met. Laura moved from West Virginia to Michigan to finish her residency and so did Raymond, a Buckeye, ( I know, we still love him 🙂 ) and our next door neighbor from Cleveland Ohio.

We met via skype a just a few months ago and right away I fell in love with their personalities! We choose downtown Northville as a backdrop for their engagement pictures. Needless to say, they love Detroit and its surrounding areas! If I am not mistaken they promised to stay in Michigan after their residency is over 🙂Northville Wedding PhotographyPictures in Northville Michigan Northville engagement pictures People and Dogs in park Northville Northville Photos Rock Wall Engagement Northville photos wedding Mill Race Engagement Photos Michigan Wedding Photographer Northville Downs engagement Mill Race Photos Northville Wedding Photo Engagement Detroit Engagement Northville Detroit Dogs in Park with people engagement session Northville Mill Race Photos Wedding Photos Northville Michigan Cute Feet Mill Race Doctor Photo Northville MichiganHuge Thank you to Jennifer for watching the fur babies while we were making art! 🙂
Jenn and Laura