Katherine + David – Ann Arbor Wedding

Katherine + David – Ann Arbor Wedding

In an otherwise normal Friday night in November of 2012, Katherine met the love of her life in a bar that she and her friends hung out at frequently. Katherine, a (University of Michigan graduate,) was interning in Houston during her senior year of college. Through mutual friends and a stroke of fate, she was introduced to David, who went to school at nearby Texas A&M. He was so tall and cute, recalls Katherine. Due to Katherine’s early morning plans, they had limited time together. They didn’t even have a chance to exchange numbers. Thank goodness for Facebook that Katherine and David ended up messaging each other and exchanging numbers a week later.

Katherine’s birthday happened to fall on the same weekend, so she took the opportunity to invite David out to a country bar to celebrate where they two-stepped all night. With Katherine leaving for Thailand for two weeks and David’s busy work schedule, they squeezed in a sushi dinner as their first official date. They talked, texted and saw each other randomly over the next few months despite their crazy work schedules. David would fly in early from Dallas several weekends just to meet Katherine for a date.

The big turning point for them was in March of 2013, when David invited Katherine to an out-of-town wedding. Katherine finally got a chance to meet all of David’s best friends from high school and unknowingly ended up on the same flight as David’s parents! It was a little earlier than she expected to meet them but they hit it off right away and Katherine knew this was going to be special. David proposed to Katherine in England, which they now call their home. Their wedding took place in downtown Ann Arbor Michigan at the beautiful Graduate Inn.

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Photography + Video : Visi Productions

Wedding Planner : Luna Soiree (Kaeli Garcia)

Hair & Makeup: OneOneNine Salon

Florist: New Creations

Cake: Cake Ambition

Band: Chateau Band