Jenna + Brad – Traverse City Wedding

Jenna + Brad – Traverse City Wedding

In the fall of 2009, Jenna was in her last semester at Central Michigan University before beginning her student teaching. She was working as much as she could at her catering job to save money before a semester with no income. Her roommate at the time, Karen, had come home more than once from spending time with mutual friends talking about a guy named Brad. Jenna had never met him before, but from Karen’s stories, he seemed to be quite the character.

Despite her busy schedule, Jenna’s friends convinced her to come with them to an 80’s themed party in the Deerfield apartments. Side ponytail, blue eyeshadow and all, Jenna happened upon the infamous Brad, complete with hoop earrings, popped collar, and a plaid blazer. It wasn’t quite love at first sight, but Jenna was entertained by his sense of humor and polished Lady Gaga dance moves.80s-theme-wedding-party

Brad and Jenna continued to cross paths over the next few months and got to know each other better. Jenna made enough of an impression on Brad that he asked his good friend Kelly to come to Mount Pleasant for New Year’s Eve to meet her. Kelly agreed after meeting Jenna that she was something special and gave Brad the thumbs up. Brad called Jenna the following week to ask her out. After that, there was no doubt to either of them that they had something exceptional. They enjoyed their first date (as well as multiple anniversaries)  at the Brass Cafe in Mount Pleasant.

Brad and Jenna saw each other as much as possible in the next few months and stayed strong despite Jenna’s move to Traverse City in 2010. After a couple years of distance, the couple decided it was about time to live in the same zip code. They moved to the Detroit area in 2012 and bought their first home in 2014.

Just before buying their new home, Brad and Jenna took a Spring Break trip to Punta Cana. Jenna’s birthday happened to fall during the trip and they decided to celebrate with a romantic dinner on the beach. With candles flickering, waves crashing, and lobster digesting, Brad surprised Jenna by getting down on one knee. After the initial shock, Jenna accepted her very sparkly birthday present. The two decided to share the beauty of Traverse City with their wedding guests in June 2016.

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