Picture and video quality  are very important when it comes to making weddings memorable, but wedding audio is just as important, if not more. In fact, a wedding ceremony without clean audio is nothing more than a silent movie. Normally, whether a wedding is indoors or outdoors, surrounding noises make audio very distracting, and take away from the event. While this may not seem as problematic during the wedding itself, when the wedding video is played back, one is able to hear how big of an impact these surrounding noises can make. This is exactly why we at Visi Productions, put in the extra effort to make sure that wedding audio is high-quality and clear.


In the past, wedding videos were simply a camera on a tripod at the back of the venue. Today’s wedding videos are called “trailers” and look very much like the movie trailers they’re named for. With this increase in visual production style, your wedding audio chops must keep pace, so a simple microphone at the camera position won’t cut it today. We use advanced Lavaliere microphones and sound field recorders to capture the best quality of audio.


Here is a video we created of Rozeta and Eraldi’s wedding to show you the difference between the audio captured with our professional wireless gear, and that of an on-camera microphone. You will be amazed with the difference!
[vimeo id=”85195598″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” aspect_ratio=”55″ maxwidth=”900″]


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Evis Mecolli, Visi Productions